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Do you ever wonder why your neighbor Jane seems so happy? You study her from afar. Her children have neat little ponytails with big pink bows in them, her house is always tidy, and she holds hands with her husband through the entire church service. Jane is never without a smile. Nothing about her appears rushed or agitated. Frankly, it’s quite nauseating. What does Jane know that you don’t?

All mothers—those who stay at home, go to work, and everything in between—are essentially the CEOs of their busy, thriving, chaotic families. The downfall of the CEO can be the demise of the entire operation. Upper management, AKA parents, must be stable and in control; otherwise the trickle-down effect can be catastrophic. The Mommy Business will help you take back control of your life, your children, and your marriage so that you can enjoy the greatest job on the planet.

Michele Mathews’ practical tips to make every mommy business more efficient cover activities for you and your children, thoughts on online essay writers at http://essayonlinewriter.com/ discipline, and will help you put back the fire in your marriage.

Who knows? With a little determination, you just might become nauseating too!




I wrote THE MOMMY BUSINESS for all of you beautiful mommies out there who find that sometimes…life can be a tad chaotic.  Our lives run at full throttle as we raise our children don’t they?  While there’s no changing the speed of our busy lives, there are ways to help you be more organized so that you can enjoy your family more..My book is purposely only 200 pages because I know you are busy!  I wanted to give you humorous, quick & easy  tips to help you with such things as:  getting your babies to sleep, potty training, discipline, playtime, mealtime, making time for your husband and more importantly…making time for YOU! Many young mothers have told me that the tips I have outlines have made such a huge difference in their lives!  I hope reading the book will help you too!  It’s never too late to polish your mommy skills!  Our children grow up way too fast to not savor every moment.. So start today!  And become the mommy you are meant to be!

Happy Mothering Ladies and God Bless…

Michele E. Mathews

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